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Made for Parents by Parents

Manufactured entirely in North America by a dad that was sick and tired of "spill-proof" snack cups that never worked, the Munchie Mug was designed with parents like you in mind. With an ingenious design of overlapping soft fabric that's been tried and tested, not even those pesky cheerio crumbs stand a chance of sneaking out. Life with kids is crazy and chaotic enough, so let's give you one less mess to worry about.

Made with all local materials, BPA/PVC/Latex/Lead/Phthalate free and dishwasher-safe, the Munchie Mug is the obvious choice when it comes to independent, spill-free snacking.

Support local business and get the Snack Cup that so many other parents are raving about 
- your car, diaper bag, stroller and carpet will
thank you.

"It's hands down the best snack cup ever and the only one we'll be using from now on"

Misty Ann

"WORTH EVERY PENNY! All the other snack cups out there are like death traps for my kids' hands and they don't even work! Don't bother getting anything else!!!!!!"

Carol Lee

"Everyone always asks me where I got mine from. People can't help but notice how great it is. It actually works!"

Melissa Cary

"My wife bought tons of baby gear that we didn't even end up using. As a dad, I appreciate items that actually make life easier. Munchie Mug is definitely one of them. We use ours every day."

Jared O'Brecht

"After wasting money on cheap cups that don't work, I wish I'd found Munchie Mug sooner. Now I buy them as gifts for my parent friends, and they're always a favourite!"

Lindsay Castillo

(Hungry Kids + Spilled Snacks = Bad Day)


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Award Winning: Baby Guy NYC Loves Munchie Mug

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Shake Your Hardest - We D A R E you

We recently hosted an awesome #MMSPILLTEST contest, asking our Munchie Mug fans to post a photo/video of their kids (or themselves) trying to spill their Munchie Mugs, and to tag us using the #MMSPILLTEST hashtag.

      We wanted them to show the world just how 
                              our Mugs are.

We were blown away by the response and absolutely love the videos that were sent in. Wanna see them for yourself? Check out our MMSPILLTEST Highlight Icon on our Instagram profile to see them all. 


n u m b e r s

We are so thrilled to announce the release of our new NUMBERS logo for our 12oz Munchie Mugs! Featuring a turquoise, coral and grey colour scheme, we know you'll love it just as much as we do.

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